Born in Munich, Germany, Monika Petrillo moved to the United States in 1991 and has established herself as a highly respected and acclaimed script supervisor in the industry. She has worked alongside directors such as Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, Hal Hartley, Wolfgang Petersen, George Hickenlooper, and Tony Bui. Monika has also written about her work as a script supervisor for publications such as Filmmaker Magazine and has advised directing fellows at the Sundance Filmmakers‘ Lab.

Her personal and professional travels have taken her to far-flung destinations like Namibia, Japan, Costa Rica and Vietnam. A life-long adventurer Monika earned her pilot’s license at age 24 and soon thereafter set out to fulfill a dream of flying around Australia. Working as writer, director, DP, editor and producer, Flyabout marks her directorial debut.

Finally finishing a project which pre-dates her marriage as well as her two kids, Monika is looking forward to giving her ancient editing system the burial that it richly deserves.

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